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Save the date: Tools of Reason, Feb 10-11, 2017

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The Stanford Program in History & Philosophy of Science invites you to the following workshop:

Tools of Reason: The Practice of Scientific Diagramming from Antiquity to the Present

An Interdisciplinary Workshop at the Stanford Humanities Center, Levinthal Hall

Friday and Saturday, February 10th and 11th, 2017

 Diagrams are pervasive features of the communication, explanation, and discovery of scientific and mathematical ideas.  Too often, however, we tend to see diagrams primarily as static visual summaries of the propositional contents of theories.  But diagrams are also tools for thought: they make visible features of phenomena that would otherwise be invisible or opaque, and they concretize and externalize specific reasoning processes. Moreover, diagramming is an activity that consists in creating and modifying diagrams with epistemic aims.  Understanding diagrams therefore requires an investigation of how they are used in practice.

This interdisciplinary workshop will interrogate the practice of diagramming in the sciences and in mathematics by focusing on specific case studies. We seek to explore questions such as: What exactly does any particular diagram make visible?  To whom is it directed?  What kind of reasoning does it concretize and externalize? How is it affected by, and how does it in turn affect, the scientific, cultural, social and institutional contexts in which it is created?  What is its epistemological status?  Can the diagram be meaningfully described as “true” or “false,” and if so, on what basis can such judgments be made?  How do we distinguish between more useful, less useful, and even pernicious diagrams? What features of a diagram, or its use, are responsible for its effectiveness or ineffectiveness as a reasoning tool? 


Invited Speakers:

John Bender (English, Stanford)

Jessica Carter (Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark)

Karine Chemla (Philosophy and History of Science, CNRS, Paris)

Silvia De Toffoli (Philosophy, Stanford)

Paula Findlen (History, Stanford)

Valeria Giardino (Philosophy, CNRS, Nancy)

Jim Griesemer (Philosophy, UC Davis)

Eunsoo Lee (Classics, Stanford)

Kenneth Manders (Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh)

Michael Marrinan (Art and Art History, Stanford)

Marco Panza (Philosophy, CNRS, Paris)

Jenny Pegg (History, Stanford)

Greg Priest (History, Stanford)

Rasmus Winther (Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz)

Norton Wise (History, UCLA)


Organized by Paula Findlen (History, Stanford) Greg Priest (History, Stanford) and Silvia De Toffoli (Philosophy, Stanford)


This conference has been generously sponsored by the Stanford University Program in History and Philosophy of Science, the Stanford Humanities Center and the Stanford University Departments of History and Philosophy.

Different ways to optimize data display

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This is fun! (Credit goes to Roberto Casati)


Eighth French Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop (FPMW 8)

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I am helping with the organization of the following conference. The call is now out !


Eighth French Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop (FPMW 8)

Thursday, November 3, 2016 – Saturday, November 5, 2016

Université d’Aix-Marseille, Site St Charles, 3 place Victor Hugo 13331 Marseille Cedex 3.

The Eighth French Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop (FPMW 8) is the eighth in an annual series of workshops in philosophy of mathematics organized by a team of scholars from France and abroad that recently joined in a research group funded by the French National Research Center (CNRS): GDR3719  Philosophie des Mathématiques. The website of the research group can be found at the following address:

Information about past workshops in the series can be found at the following address: (tab: Historique).

The forthcoming workshop will be held at the Center for Comparative Epistemology and Ergology (CEPERC) at the University of Aix-Marseille. It will consist, as the previous workshops, in a three-day meeting, and will feature both invited and contributed talks.

The confirmed invited speakers are:

Jeremy Avigad (Department of Philosophy and Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Claudio Bartocci (Dipartimento di Matematica, Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy)

Christophe Eckes (Archives PoincaréUniversité Lorraine, France)

Sara Negri (Department of PhilosophyUniversity of Helsinki, Finland)

Jean-Michel Salanskis (Institut de recherches philosophiquesUniversité Paris Ouest, France)

Submissions of papers in any topic of philosophy of mathematics are welcome. The languages of the workshop are French and English. Younger scholars and graduate students working on their dissertations are encouraged to submit, as the workshop will provide them with an opportunity to discuss their work with internationally renowned experts in the field.

Each submission should be no more than 15,000 characters.

Contributions should be submitted online, creating a personal account on the website and uploading a .doc .rtf or .pdf file containing the proposal in an anonymous form. Please specify in Comments if you are a PhD student.

Should you encounter difficulties, you can send your proposal to the address: writing [abstract] in the topic of your message. Proposals should include in the text of the message the following information: title of the paper, email address and affiliation of the author(s).

Contributed talks should be no longer than 60 minutes, and will be followed by a 30 minute discussion. Two slots of 45 minutes (30 minutes talk + 15 minutes discussion) will be reserved for PhD students.


Important dates:

Deadline for submission: May 15, 2016

Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2016

Conference : November 3-5, 2016


Scientific committee: Andrew Arana (IHPST/Paris 1), Paola Cantu (AMU/CNRS), Gabriella Crocco (AMU), Michael Detlefsen (University of Notre Dame), Viviane Durand-Guerrier (IMAG/Université de Montpellier), Sébastien Gandon (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont), Valeria Giardino (AHP/CNRS), Brice Halimi (IRePh/Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre), Gerhard Heinzmann (AHP/UL), Jean-Baptiste Joinet (IRPhil/Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3), Vincent Jullien (CAPHI/Université de Nantes), Giuseppe Longo (ENS/CNRS), Colin MacLarty (Case Western Reserve University), Paolo Mancosu (UC Berkeley), Jean-Pierre Marquis (Université de Montréal), Sébastien Maronne (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse/Université de Toulouse Paul Sabatier), Baptiste Mélès (AHP/CNRS), Joël Merker (LMO/Université Paris-Sud), Philippe Nabonnand (AHP, Nancy), Alberto Naibo (IHPST/Paris 1), Marco Panza (IHPST/CNRS), Fabrice Pataut (SND, Paris 1), Fréderic Patras (Laboratoire Jean-Alexandre Dieudonné/CNRS), Francesca Poggiolesi (IHPST/CNRS), David Rabouin (SPHERE/CNRS), Shahid Rahman (STL/Université Lille 3), Andrei Rodin (Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences), Stewart Shapiro (The Ohio State University), Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (SPHERE/Paris 7), Mark Van Atten (SND/CNRS), Pierre Wagner (IHPST/Paris 1).

Organizing Committee: Paola Cantù (AMU/CNRS), Gabriella Crocco (AMU), Philippe Abgrall (AMU/CNRS), Marie Anglade (AMU), Valérie Débuiche (AMU), Mathilde Bouquet (AMU), Julie Humeau (AMU), Anaïs Mauriceau (AMU/CNRS), Sylvie Pons (AMU).

Support to the Organizing Committee: Valeria Giardino (AHP/CNRS), Gerhard Heinzmann (AHP/UL), Philippe Nabonnand (AHP/UL), Baptiste Mélès (AHP/CNRS)

Partners: CNRS, Université Aix-Marseille, CEPERC (UMR 7304), and GDR 3719 “Philosophie des Mathématiques”, which includes the following research groups: AHP (UMR 7117), CAPHI (EA 2163), CEPERC (UMR 7304), IMAG (UMR 5149), IHP (UMR 8163), IHPST (UMR 8590), IMT (UMR 5219), IREPh (EA 373), IRPhil (EA 4187), Laboratoire Jean-Alexandre Dieudonné (UMR 7351), LMO (UMR 8628 STL), PHIER (EA 3297), SND (FRE 3593), SPHERE (UMR 7219).



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