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Martin on Style

In Paper presentations on May 18, 2009 at 11:23 am

Style: A new view on an old problem

Martin Siefkes, Technische Universität Berlin

Style is one of the few terms of cultural analysis which can be fruitfully used in completely different cultural areas: Style theories have been developed for texts (most often literary texts), for art, architecture, music, conversation, thinking and problem-solving. Less attention was rewarded on styles of athletes, of artisans, of playing a game, and of unremarkable daily activities such as walking or driving.

Up to now, the development of a general theory of style has not been attempted. In my doctoral thesis, I develop a general model of the stylistic sign process: It’s a process in which information is inscribed into and extracted out of realisations, which are based on schemata. The model is based on a semiotic framework in the structuralist tradition, supplemented by formal logics and an undogmatic formalism inspired by modern computer science.

The model has two main parts.

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